A People at War

December 10, 2008

Two things I remember about the morning of 9/11: First is groggily logging onto AOL and seeing a picture of the first tower exploding, then glancing down at the date to see if it was April’s Fools day. It wasn’t. Second is leaving for work, then walking back to my apartment and changing my Rockports for sneakers. Outside again I stopped and looked at the sneakers, thinking: They got to me, they reached out and got to me. 

I don’t need to remind you of what happened the next five or so years. Let’s just say it was gut-wrenching and exhausting. It is certainly a relief that the reign of the madmen is nearly over…but the 9/11 era remains for me hauntingly unresolved. It seems that if some other date were to be seared in our memory, the same mistakes would be repeated. 

It’s not enough to point the finger at Bush, the mainstream media, and Congress, who all failed miserably. The American people were in there somewhere, too, and we’re still hugely around. Read the rest of this entry »